All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible. This is something I often repeat, however I cannot stress highly enough the need to know what you want, and to define a singular, overriding goal for your life. We do not need to know how we will accomplish that, we just need to be mindful that the things we do, move forward this singular purpose.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Making love within the water is without a doubt a great idea that a person should certainly try out at least once. You may either have sex in your bathing room or in your swimming pool. One may also have sexual intercourse in open waters like ponds and streams that are normally not frequented by people, however one should not do it because, making love in public places is an offense. In this write-up we'll look at four different places wherein one can have sex in water:

In the swimming pool: Making love inside your private pool is an excellent idea. However, I highly recommend you do not think of having sexual intercourse under water because it not only very difficult but also life-threatening. Take your girl to the pool edge where it is shallow and safe and you can also grip the edges whilst thrusting her. If your pool has stairs then you may sit on them while your girlfriend rides you in a cowgirl position.

Bath tub sex: How much you have fun with making love in the bathtub depends on how big it is. The spacious the better, but it really can not beat the level of sexual excitement that one gets from making love inside a swimming pool. In spite of this, the small area of the bath tub doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot have intercourse at all. You can definitely give your woman an amazing orgasm by fingering her, furthermore, you can even ask your girl to ride you in cowgirl position.

However, it must be noted that it's not necessary to make love inside the bath tub. Instead, you can enjoy some intense foreplay activities after which you can finish it off in the bedroom. The reason being that it is sometimes complicated to turn on a woman, and so foreplay within a bathtub will make it simple for you to turn her on.

Intercourse underneath shower: . Standing below a shower with water flowing all over your body is better than being half-immersed with water entering your private parts. I'd recommend you to get a few anti-slip stickers to prevent falling and potentially leading to any injury. With soap lathering all over the body the enjoyment aspect doubles up and it results in being even more exciting than a usual sexual intercourse.

Install a bar or handle to firmly grip while having standing-up intercourse and also you can even lie down on floor in case your bath room is large enough.

Intercourse in open waters: If you're an adventurous type of person then you can try making love inside a river, stream or beach however I reiterate that it isn't wise. It's a serious offense for you to indulge in sexual activities in open spots, so be careful that the place you choose must be far away from your city and with no one around to report you to police. Furthermore, the quality of water in open water bodies like lakes and river streams is bad and not good for your private parts. If you would like make love on the seashore then I would like to mention that the vaginal opening of your woman becomes rough because of the salt that gets lodged there. However, some people still go out to open waters and have sex since it gives them a sense of excitement that doubles the sexual pleasure.

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